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Holistic and Functional Fitness

Providing Providence with training programs to improve overall health, strength, and function conditioning at any age.


It saddens me to see the physical shape we’re in in this country – especially our children and young people. A long time ago I made it my mission to help people achieve fitness, health, productivity and happiness by building motivation, self worth and self esteem in every person who comes to work with me. I believe it is a team mission, and I look forward to working with you. If you commit to your personal health and fitness mission, then I will commit to helping you get there.

“Every day is a new challenge; never felt this way for a long time. Coach is the best you can wish for on your health journey. Thanks for your good work.”
Nan Akwasi Asante
“A good friend said, “Come to Boot Camp, it will be fun!!” There are days when I question the “FUN,” but the results are not questionable. My first week, Matt asked me how I was doing?? I said “I’m trying!” He stopped me and said “No, you’re Doing! You’re here. You’re getting it done!” It’s a simple but powerful word change…Thanks to Matt for helping me crush my goals!!”
John Geisser
“Not only do you get great workouts, but the community is top notch. The trainers AND your fellow gym-goers are there to support you and keep you accountable each step of the way. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a gym, but I’ve also never been worked so hard in my life. Definitely worth it.”
Katie Buffum
“What an amazing place to work out! I have been working out here since it opened and the owner Matt keeps the gym in spotless condition. He is a true professional and is hands on in every area of the business. It is a place not to just work out but develop a healthy lifestyle and the people who work there are all excellent. If you want to get healthier, give it a try I highly recommend Matt.”
Cathy Singer


Matt Espeut Owner & Personal Trainer
Matt Espeut is the owner of Fitness Profiles. He is a Providence personal trainer with over 20 years experience training clients of all ages. From 14 to 86, Fitness Profiles offers a focused program to improve overall health, strength, and functional conditioning. Programs are based on holistic health and nutrition.

Matt believes that continuing education is a must for personal trainers, and is dedicated to pursuing those opportunities to learn more so he can offer that to his clients.


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Commit To Your Health

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