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You will be trained sensibly, rigorously and efficiently, never doing something for nothing. I do not administer beat downs, I will bring out your best and you will feel better when you leave! I work the body using multi directional movements, using bodyweight / resistance and metabolic training methods to promote complete function and posture alignment. The industry is constantly evolving, so I’m continually upgrading my education by learning from leaders including:

  • Paul Chek Institute

  • HLC Level 1
  • Certified in holistic nutrition and exercise
  • Martin Rooney – TFW Certified
  • Gray Cook – FMS Certified
  • Mike Boyle – Strength Coach



  • Foundation Principles for Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Athletic Performance
  • Sports Specific Development


  • Better Posture
  • Weight Loss Aesthetics

  • Improved Vitality, Energy, & Sex Drive

  • Overall Productivity


  • Improved Motor Skills

  • Better Balance & Independence

  • More Strength
  • Increased Bone Density & Height

I am Matt Espeut and I have been in the health and fitness business for 20 years. My personal training philosophy centers on keeping it simple: Eat quality food, drink quality water, get plenty of rest and train properly with good technique. I advise clients not to get wrapped up in fad diets or gimmicks. Nutrition is based on whole organic foods, not packages, pills or potions. All exercise programs revolve around functional, primal movement patterns, to build strength, balance and stamina.

In the fall of 2014, Fitness Profiles expanded and Matt opened his own fitness facility, Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, located at 1284 North Main Street in Providence, RI. This enables him to offer his wisdom and skill to more people through small group training.

One to one and private small group training are still offered to clients in their home or offsite location.

Matt believes that continuing education is a must for personal trainers, and is dedicated to pursuing those opportunities to learn more so he can offer that to his clients.

Commit To Your Health

Fitness Profiles will get you where you want to be.