How much are you worth??

Someone asked me what I did for a living, and I told them that I run Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, the best fitness and fat loss facility around. In this facility my team and [...]

A quick fix ??

High school football ended in December for us due to the fact that we went to the division 2 Super Bowl. But I got to relive the season last Wednesday when they passed out the [...]

The “de”generation of a generation

​I hate to stereotype any group of individuals but there is a generation out there thats missing some major components of life, and I feel like it is going to lead to the degeneration of [...]

Where did you go to school??

After attending a 3 day conference last week I feel motivated and inspired to step up my game and take things to the next level. Although a lot of things I heard were review and [...]

The big “O”. Don’t let it slip away !!!

Opportunity. We all have the same, but many people do not take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them. I returned home this week from a conference on the west coast and after [...]

Do you know how lucky you are??

When is the last time you stopped and looked at something, and started thinking, wow we really take these things for granted? It happened to me last week when I was boarding an airplane and [...]

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