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Commit To Your Health

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Personal Training

I work with people one-on-one who want to be healthier and fit. I begin by getting to know you, focusing on what your goals are, and your uniqueness. This is especially important if you haven’t been in a gym in a while. Some trainers do high-risk moves, but I don’t believe in doing those. You shouldn’t start lifting weight with a weak core. That’s like firing a cannon in a canoe. I know the mechanics of the body, good technique, and good form, and I recommend a conservative approach.

The importance of the one-on-one training is that you will not get a standardized program-do 3 of these and 4 of those and a sheet to mark it off as you go around the gym-but an individual plan, formed after a personal assessment taking into consideration any unique issues such as mobility difficulties, injuries, age, etc. and your personal goals: fitness, weight loss, etc.

Fit Body Boot Camp – Group Training

This is where I get to take my knowledge, and reach more people with information they need achieve fitness, health, productivity and happiness by building motivation, self worth and self esteem in every individual that walks through my door. My program is suitable for everyone and can be done at your own pace, with a personal trainer mindset. But not you get the encouragement of your peers and that support is helpful to keep you dedicated and enthusiastic enough to see results.



I always say “you can’t out exercise a bad diet” – so, to do that, you need to know what you are eating. Keeping a four-day log of your food can really be eye opening. I’ll talk to you about what you are eating, your alcohol intake, and your water intake. What types of food are you eating? Is it a fast food rich diet? Are you eating a lot of preservatives and foods that are not natural? Again, the best nutrition plan is a simple one. Without looking at this you don’t know what fuel you are putting in your body – is it empty calories? Non-nutritional calories? Fitness doesn’t begin and end in the gym. If you have better nutrition, you will feel better, and be better motivated for exercise, too.

“If you commit to your personal health and fitness mission, then I will commit to helping you get there.”
Matt Espeut, Owner

Commit To Your Health

Fitness Profiles will get you where you want to be.