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review1-compressor “What an amazing place to work out! I have been working out here since it opened and the owner Matt keeps the gym in spotless condition. He is a true professional and is hands on in every area of the business. It is a place not to just work out but develop a healthy lifestyle and the people who work there are all excellent. If you want to get healthier, give it a try. I highly recommend Matt and his entire staff.”
– Cathy Singer

post2 “Not only do you get great workouts, but the community is top notch. The trainers AND your fellow gym-goers are there to support you and keep you accountable each step of the way. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a gym, but I’ve also never been worked so hard in my life. Definitely worth it.”
– Katie Buffum

post2 “A good friend said “come to Boot Camp, it will be fun!!” There are days when I question the “FUN” but the results are not questionable. My first week, Matt asked me how I was doing?? I said “I’m trying!” He stopped me and said “No, you’re DOING! You’re here, you’re getting it done!” It’s a simple but powerful word change…Thanks to Matt for helping me crush my goals!!”
– John Geisser

post2 “Every day is a new challenge. Coaches are the best you can wish for your health journey. Thanks for your good work.”
– Nan Akwasi Asante

post2 “Matt, coaches and staff are all incredible and truly care about our health, fitness and nutrition goals. No matter if you’re just a beginner or have been working out for years the coaches will tailor the workout around your abilities. No two workouts are the same as everyday the coaches create new challenging workouts. All the members and staff are like family and is a close knit community with no judgement. There is an abundant number of daily classes that start as early as 530am and go all day though till after 6pm making it easy to find a time that is convenient for you.”
– Sean Senno

post2 “I have tried a few gyms over the years and just couldn’t keep motivated and would stop going after a few visits. I never thought I would look forward to going to the gym but all of that changed when I came across an ad for a six week challenge. I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes and you have a trainer pushing you through an intense workout for those 30 minutes. I saw results in the first 2 weeks and had an amazing transformation by the end of the challenge. My flab is all muscle now and all of my friends have noticed. I have never received so many compliments. I absolutely LOVE this gym!! If you are looking to make a change and just haven’t been able to take that step this is the place for you. They keep you motivated and create a community of support within the gym. So glad I found this place!!”
– Regina Binda

post2 “Best gym ever. It’s so much more than a workout. I can’t imagine going back to a typical gym ever again. The trainers here are all amazing. Matt has done a tremendous job of pulling together a team that really cares about the members. I look forward to going for my workout. I’m 52 and feeling stronger every day!”
– Beth Goulet

post2 “This place is the real deal if you lose weight and get back into shape!! They have a great program that works! I’ve tried other gyms and this one is the best!!”
– Robert Shirley

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