After attending a 3 day conference last week I feel motivated and inspired to step up my game and take things to the next level.

Although a lot of things I heard were review and some conformation that I am doing a few things correctly, It was good to get refreshed and listen to some great presenters.

Great presenters not only give you information, they get you thinking. Thinking about the things you are doing right and the things you are doing wrong.

All the greats all have one thing in common, they encourage you to do your best and become world class.

These guys aren’t up there because they won the lottery, but because they have a story to tell.

A story of why they are great and how they accomplished greatness, by focusing on their goals, learning from their mistakes, overcoming adversity, and constantly pushing forward.

Ya see every great presenter that I have ever listened to either came from humble beginnings and clawed their way up, or had to overcome some set backs and adversity.

They made a lot of mistakes, and they aren’t afraid to admit it. They got knocked down and kept getting back up. They are where they are because they have experienced life, and what it can throw at you, and they dealt with it regardless of the situation and never gave up.

You will never learn from someone that hasn’t experienced some of life hard knocks, and had to overcome adversity, or made lots of mistakes, because you need to live it before you deliver it.

I am a true believer that education is important to get the edge on your competition, and the more knowledge you accumulate, the better you will be.

I wish I had pursued a formal college education, and gotten a degree, and feel like I would be more successful if I had, but I feel like the things I am learning are not taught in college.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t feel like college sets you up for the real world, and you need to go underground to get this type of experience.

When you go, do they teach you that life comes at you hard, and you need to be ready to fight all the time?

Do they teach you that you will face adversity, and want to give up sometimes?

Do they teach you that everything doesn’t go as planned, and sometimes you need to redirect and make changes?

Do they teach you how to bounce back after taking a big fall?

Do they teach you how to overcome anxiety, and self doubt? Do they inspire you to be the greatest version of yourself, and after you graduate to constantly invest in yourself to improve and become world class.

I don’t know because I never enrolled, but from what I have read in books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and heard from recent graduates the answer is no.

Yes you will learn how to develop a business plan, how to interpret the numbers, how to strategize and what you need to do to get your life started, but will you learn what to do when the hammer comes down and things go wrong?

I am all for formal education, but I feel like real life experience and some “street” knowledge is also essential for growth.

Listening to a guy named Al Vermeil, who is the brother of Coach Dick Vermeil (both NFL super bowl winning coaches) was a super inspirational presentation.

He started out by knocking the fact that we need “safe rooms” for students to cry about the election, and how we are getting soft as a nation.

He talked about how working with professional athletes was glamorous, and frustrating at the same time. He also talked about getting fired from different jobs, and some of the many mistakes he has made along the way.

At the end of his and everyone else seminars you left feeling like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, because they did it.

Now in my opinion I get more inspired listening to someone like him over a guy with an ivy league degree, that has had an easy time acquiring success.

Yes I respect guys like that too and don’t want to sound like a hater because someone had an easier time reaching success, but I relate and get more motivated by the guy that suffered a little to make it, over someone born privileged that didn’t have to hustle.

The moral of this article, and almost every other article, post or message I send out is to keep striving to get better each and every day, regardless of what avenue you take to do it, or where you came from.

I told my team at the last meeting that I have been doing this stuff for 25 years, and they will never hear me say, “I know enough”. or “I am at the peak or pinnacle of where I want to be”.

Because I will never believe there isn’t room to grow somewhere in life.

Whether it be fitness, business, or personal development, we all have a lot of room to grow, and the day someone says “Im at the top, and there is nothing else I can learn”, the growth will not only stop, but there is only one direction to go, and thats down.

So if you choose to stop growing, you choose to diminish.

So the best advice this uneducated personal trainer can give you is to continue to seek ways to improve.

Want to improve your fitness?
Join Providence Fit Body Boot Camp.

Want to be a better parent?
Read a book, or talk to parents with successful kids.

Want to be better at your position?
Attend a seminar that relates to your job or position.

Want to run your business better?
Join a mastermind group, or hire a consultant that will keep you accountable.

The opportunities are there folks, we just need to find them and take action!!

I will finish with a great quote I heard: “How you do SOME things is usually how you do EVERY thing.
Give that some thought, and you will realize that it is true more times than it isn’t.

If you slack at work, you probably slack with your workouts.

If you cheat on your nutrition plan, you probably have a discipline issue.

If you cancel appointments, you have commitment issues and probably aren’t that reliable .

If your house is a mess, your car and office is probably too.

When you pay attention to details with everything you do, chances are that you will make less mistakes across the board, and improve in every aspect of your life.

When you apply a little extra effort to the tasks you are doing, things go from ordinary to extraordinary on all levels..

When you care about everything you do, it shows, and you are more likely to live on a world class level, when you don’t and approach everything with mediocre effort, that shows too, and not in a positive light.

So remember that how you do anything is how you do everything, so strive to do everything better, and you will be pleased with the results,

Committed to your success,